Why dose my carpet smell after carpet cleaning

Why dose my carpet smell after carpet cleaning?

Lets be clear, carpets should not smell bad after carpet cleaning but carpets can smell after carpet cleaning especially if done by an untrained person with bad equipment. If your carpets smell after carpet cleaning it is normally because it took too long to dry and mould or bacteria growth has started, but there are less serious reasons too.

Carpet smells from bacteria or mould.

If the carpet takes a long time to dry it creates a warm, humid environment that is perfect for microorganisms to grow. Mould is a common culprit of carpet odour, as it can grow on the carpet fibers and even in the padding underneath. Mould can release a musty smell that can be difficult to remove. Bacteria can also cause carpet odour, as they can break down organic matter and release foul-smelling gases. Smell from damp will smell a bit like a wet dog and can be very persistent.

This will be greatly exudated if the carpets have only been lightly cleaned by a small domestic cleaner. As they leave more dirt behind there is more organic matter for bacteria to breck down and make smell. And these machines do not have very good vacuum so leave them damper. 

Your carpet could smell after carpet cleaning for other reasons too.

Damp wool will have a mild wet wool smell. It’s the same as if you washed a wool jumper, and while it isn’t that nice its normally fairly mild and will go once the carpet, or jumper is dry.

The cleaning products could have an odour. This is normally a ‘selling’ point of the product and meant to give a nice smell after cleaning. But it is personal what smells we like or don’t like and some people will have an allergic reaction to high odour products. If you are sensitive to ‘product’ smells or perfume smells you should inform your carpet cleaner and they should be able to provide suitable cleaning meathods of low or no perfume cleaning agents.

Smells from old soiling / staining can increase after cleaning, especially urine smells. When urine is not properly cleaned from a carpet, it can leave behind urine crystals that can be re-activated by the moisture used during carpet cleaning. This can release a stronger urine odor the same as when it was originally present.

Can these problems be solved?

Most of these problems can be solved with better carpet cleaning.

If the smell comes from mould or bacteria growth then they need to be treated with anti bacteria or anti mould growth products. They might need recleaning if its thought that some soiling still remains and is adding to the problem. In extreme cases underlay may need replacing but this is rare.

If the smell comes from urine crystals these will needs deep cleaning. It might be needed to replace underlay if it is also soaked, floor boards can also be treated.

For smells from cleaning products, these are normally short lived and its normally best to just open windows and air the smells out.

If you are looking for advice or help with any of these issues be sure to contact us.

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