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What’s in a Rug Cleaning Studio?

We love rugs at Rothwell’s and have set up a large rug cleaning studio in Cambridgeshire. But what is in a rug cleaning studio?

1. Dusting equipment.

A large rack and a rug duster – a machine with leather straps on a rotating beam. Rugs are laid out and gently beaten from the back to vibrate the rug 40,000 mini harmonic vibrations per minute. This vibration is a gentle and thorough way to remove the dry dust and soiling within the rug and is the first step to professional rug cleaning.

2. Rug washing pool.

A large, shallow pool for the washing of rugs that we purpose built within our studio. This is where most rugs are fully submerged to be thoroughly washed much in the way rugs have been washed for hundreds of years. This is the safest way to wash handmade wool rugs and is an essential part of any rug cleaning studio.

3. Rug Centrifuge.

A spin-drier for rugs. This major investment and installation allows us to quickly dry rugs, avoiding problems that can occur when a rug is left damp for a long period of time.

4. Dehumidified drying room.

A high roofed room with drying poles on pullies. We dry in our dehumidified room rather than with the use of high heat as high heat drying can be damaging.

5. Inspection and storage rooms.

Well-lit inspection room for the final check, grooming and packaging of your lovely rugs ready for delivery.

Don’t give your rug to just anybody, make sure they have a fully equipped rug cleaning studio not just a driveway and a pressure-washer.

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