What Is The Best Carpet Cleaning Method

What are the best carpet cleaning method?

There are several carpet cleaning method but for most domestic situations hot water extraction cleaning will be the best option. But lets look at this in more detail.

carpet cleaning method

Which carpet cleaning method is best for your situation will depend on several factors such as the level and type of soiling, type of carpet, and the situation.

Hot water extraction

Hot water extraction will give the deepest carpet cleaning method as it thoroughly washes the carpet through with hot water. This helps it to remove much more of the debris, dirt, dead skin and other pollutants trapped within the fibres. This method is often called steam cleaning as steam can be seen as a by product of the hot water. The down side is it will leave the carpets slightly damp for longer than other methods. But good cleaning will mean the carpets are only slightly damp and they can be used straight after cleaning, you might just get damp socks. To provide this service on a professional leave does take a lot of investment into equipment and training so it is a more expensive service to offer, but there are many people offering it at many price and service levels.

Then there are several ‘dry’ carpet cleaning methods. None of them are actually dry, some moisture is still used.

Encapsulation carpet cleaning method.

Encapsulation works by encapsulating the dirt particles into tiny crystals so it can be vacuumed away after. Encapsulation can be very useful, it involves less water than hot water extraction meaning quicker drying times but the carpet will still be wet to touch immediately after cleaning. It also means less moisture in the air which can be important in some situations. For offices with lots of computers and not many windows that open this can be very important.

Encapsulation works very well on lower pile carpets that just need a maintenance clean. Ate Rothwell’s we often provide carpet cleaning with encapsulation for office carpets. Encapsulation carpet cleaning is also quicker and uses less equipment so can be cheaper than the deeper hot water extraction cleaning.

Bonnet cleaning carpet cleaning.

Bonnet cleaning works by scrubbing a bonnet on a rotary machine over the carpet. The bonnet absorbs the dirt and the bonnet is then cleaned or replaced. We do not offer this service as it does not give a very good leave of cleaning and it leaves a lot of product behind. It does have the same cost benefits as encapsulation making it a cheaper option but in our opinion dose not give as good a clean as encapsulation so there is little point in using this method.

Granule cleaning method.

Granule cleaning works by spreading micro sponges with a detergent into the carpet. This detergent then loses the soiling from the carpet fibres which is then absorbed by the micro sponges. This carpet cleaning method can be a useful method on grass mattings that don’t like to get wet because of the very low amount of moisture it uses. It also has the benefit of using less equipment so can be cheaper and even possible for home uses to do with little investment.

In summary

For most domestic work hot water extraction will provide the best level of carpet cleaning. The small inconvenience of the carpets being damp for 12-24 hours is worth the longer term benefits of cleaner carpets in better condition. And although the other services can be cheaper to provide on a domestic level it is possible to find cheaper hot water extraction companies too.

On a larger scale the time savings of encapsulation can mean cheaper prices for large offices, and if regular cleaning is carried out as a part of the buildings maintenance deep cleaning shouldn’t be needed as much. The carpet type found in offices also makes encapsulation a possible alternate. The thicker pile carpets normally found in domestic homes means encapsulation carpet cleaning will not work as well in that situation.  

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