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Terms & Conditions

Terms of service and a few points to consider.
At Rothwell’s Cleaning Services Ltd (“Rothwell’s”) we take customer satisfaction very seriously and will always do our utmost to leave you a very happy customer. The following are our terms of service but if for any reason you do not feel you had the service you paid for, we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning you don’t pay if you’re not happy. There are a few possible issues that we do not accept financial responsibility for, as listed below. If any of these issues were to happen, we would of course revisit to try and rectify the problem if possible.

Covid-19 update.
Rothwell’s takes the current SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) situation very seriously. We have procedures and PPE protection in place to protect our staff, customers and members of the public. Due to the unknown nature of the outbreak we cannot accept responsibility for a person contracting the Covid-19 illness due to our visits or work. If employing us to do infection control cleaning services, we will be following best practices as we have researched and understood them, but no infection control cleaning is 100% guaranteed. If an area has received our infection control services but is then used, that area is once again compromised and could become re-infected. For more on our Covid-19 safe working practices please click here.

Payment – Payment is due within 14 days of invoice date (completed date of work). Payment period maybe extended to 30 days for some commercial work by prior written arrangement only. Payment is by bank transfer, cheque or cash. Rothwell’s reserves the right to add charges and interest on to any outstanding invoices as well as any costs incurred in settling outstanding invoices.

Stains and Marks – We will do our absolute best, as highly trained professionals, to remove all marks and stains whilst not causing any damage, but unfortunately it is impossible to guarantee to remove any stain or mark from the items we are cleaning. It is also possible that in removing, or attempting to remove a stain, damage or lightening of the item may happen. Damage already caused by ‘do it yourself’ cleaning attempts may be revealed during our work.

Re-appearance of Stains – Sometimes it is possible that a mark may reappear after cleaning. Sometimes this is just due to the mark not being visible while the item was damp but there can be other causes too. At Rothwell’s we offer a 14-day guarantee, if any mark reappears within 14 days of our cleaning (but before sealing, if considering stone or tiled floor services) we will re-clean the area completely free of charge. Plus, we extend that to even cover new stains over that 14 days, so if you need any part of the cleaned items re-cleaning within 14 days, for any reason, we will re-clean it free of charge and are happy to do so.

Shrinkage – It is possible that some fabrics or fibres may shrink. Curtains have the largest risk and it should always be understood that curtains may shrink. Upholstered fabric can shrink, we clean cushion covers on the cushion to help reduce any risk and the risk is small but present. Most carpets are impossible to shrink but there are a few, of woven construction, that can shrink. We inspect all carpets before cleaning and if your carpet is shrinkable, we will tell you beforehand. With shrinkable carpets there will be a choice for you to make between deep cleaning with a risk of shrinking or dry cleaning with no risk. If you choose the deep cleaning and the carpet does shrink, we will try and refit it for you but if refitting is not possible by us, any other costs to put it right will be yours to bear, not Rothwell’s. Rugs can technically shrink. We have never seen noticeable shrinkage of rugs, but you should be aware it is possible.

Cellulosic Browning – a chemical reaction that can occur in natural fibres. As the cellulose in natural fibres dries, a brown mark can appear. This happens through the introduction of alkaline products (even tap water can be alkaline enough to cause this). Whilst this is possible with any natural fibres, the most troublesome is linen. If we know you have some linen in your upholstery, we will talk to you about this risk, but it is not always possible to know. Some rugs are at risk too especially if they contain cotton or viscose. Cellulosic browning is not limited to the items listed here. At Rothwell’s we are very aware of this problem and often take on jobs to remove this browning caused by the customer or another cleaning company. We have several things we can do to limit any possibility of cellulosic browning from happening and to reverse the effect if it does happen. We can not make any guarantees and accept no responsibility for any browning that does happen as a result of our cleaning. If browning does happen, we will reclean (several times if needed) to attempt to reverse the browning effect free of charge.

Pile Distortion – Some fabrics may distort during cleaning. We will usually be able to identify such fabrics before starting work. We will do all that is realistically possible to prevent or reverse pile distortion whilst getting a great cleaning result.

Previous Damage / Weak Points – All the items we are working on have a history before we see them and sometimes there may be hidden damage or problems that will become exaggerated by cleaning. We inspect all items before cleaning to try and find these problems / weak spots, but that may not always be possible. We can accept no responsibility for damage to areas previously damaged or weakened. This includes grouting on tiled areas.

Surroundings – When cleaning tiled, stone and other hard services, due to the products and equipment that maybe needed, some damage to the surroundings may occur. Paintwork may need retouching especially, but not limited to, using sealing removers to remove old sealers. MDF and, to a lesser extent, chipboard (both of which are often used in kitchen units) can swell when in contact with water. Outside plants may be damaged or even die, especially if using products to treat lichen marks or algae. Other minor damage is possible. Often, we will book a separate appointment to mask up and protect these areas, but slight damage is still possible. We recommend this work happens before decorating, if decorating is planned.

Efflorescence – Visible as white haze or powder on the surface of hard floors and caused by dampness in the floor. Cleaning may cause or exaggerate efflorescence, we will do everything possible to prevent this but it maybe unavoidable.

Sealers – All areas being sealed need to be well ventilated and a temporary unpleasant smell is possible.

If you are worried about any issue listed please call us on 01223 832 928, we are happy to have an honest conversation with you and advise on any risks in your individual case.