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Spring Cleaning Advice.

Every home needs a good through clean from time to time. Doing this yearly is a good way of making sure your home is well looked after. I’ve tried to make this a bit easier for you with the following advice.

spring cleaning

1. Declutter. Throw out or pass on your unused items.

Before we clean our homes, we might as well remove the stuff we no longer want or need, there is no point in cleaning these items or cleaning around them only to find we don’t want them anymore.

2. Dust.

Dust the whole house from top to bottom, including bookshelves, tops of cupboard and mantlepieces. Using a slightly damp cloth or microfibre cloth will help prevent the dust from circulating around the house only to land in the same places again. Keep windows open so you’re not working in a cloud of dust.

3. Clean your curtains.

Often this can be done yourself by using the upholstery attachment for your vacuum cleaner, remember to do the backs and get a step ladder as the pleats at the top will be the dustiest part. If they need a deeper professional clean, we at Rothwell’s provide a service for thorough dry cleaning of curtains. Do not put them in your washing machine, as most curtains will shrink if you do this, the only exception is net curtains that can often (but not always) be washed in the machine (test on a single one first).

4. Clean your carpets and upholstery.

Most carpets and upholstery need cleaning roughly once per year (6 – 24 months). Regular professional cleaning really does make your soft furnishings last longer, as well as keeping them looking great. Spring is the most popular time of year for this.

5. Vacuum the hidden places.

If there are any rooms where you’re not having your carpet cleaned, then it’s a good idea to move those items you don’t normally move when vacuuming (obviously if we clean your carpets, we will do this for you in those rooms). Get behind the cupboards and under the beds to remove the built-up dust. This dust does circulate around the rest of your house, so removing it will improve the air quality. Lift your rugs and vacuum under there too. This is also a great opportunity to check for carpet moths as they like dark undisturbed places. If you think you find signs of moth (bald patches of carpet or small 2 – 4 mm long white pupae cases that look like grains of rice) call us and as qualified insect pest controllers we can check for you.

6. Clean your garden patios, drives and paths.

It’s been a long wet winter, so now’s the time to remove the winter’s debris from your outdoor hard surfaces. If it’s not too bad you can sweep up the loose stuff (with a very stiff brush) and then hose down, maybe with a DIY pressure-washer. If you need a bit more give us a call for a free quote.