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Sofa Cleaning

Why buy a new sofa, when we can make your sofa feel and look new again for much less with Rothwell’s Sofa Cleaning service.

sofa cleaning

At Rothwell’s we have been cleaning sofas since 1993 and we care deeply about making your upholstery look as good as possible.

Quality upholstery costs a lot but when its looked after and cleaned regularly it can last a long time. It’s true our chairs and sofas go through a lot when we think of all the evenings sat on them and it’s no wonder they need some attention from time to time. It’s such a shame when people throw out their sofas to buy another one. Normally all your sofa needs is a good, professional clean. Don’t waste money and effort on getting a new sofa before calling us for a free quote to see if it can be renewed with Rothwell’s sofa cleaning service.

Sofa cleaning is also more environmentally friendly.

Cleaning your sofa will not only save money but it is better for the environment too. Replacing your sofa ad’s to landfill contributing to the throw away culture. It also uses more resources to produce new over looking after what we have. I am a big believer in buying good quality items and then looking after them so I can enjoy them for many years. Cleaning is a big part of looking after most items we own.

How we clean your sofa.

With our deep cleaning we will pre-treat the fabric with a mild detergent to breck down the soiling, dust and body oils that get trapped in the fibres. Then we will flush warm water through the fabric and back out again bringing with it the loosened soiling and cleaning product for a really deep down clean leaving you with a renewed clean sofa. We can then stain protect it to help keep the sofa clean for longer.

Sofa cleaning will maintain your upholstery in top condition for much longer meaning you won’t have to spend out on replacing your sofa. Buy quality upholstery and look after it with regular cleaning and you will always have a nice place to sit. Call us now for a free quote and honest opinion on the end results.

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