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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

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    Do you want fresh, clean hygienic carpets to make your home feel fresh and comfortable

    Rothwell’s cleaning is a family firm that has been offering the best carpet cleaning with honest, friendly customer service since 1993. We have a wealth of experience, are highly trained senior members of the national carpet cleaners association, and all our work comes with our 100% satisfaction or its free guarantee.

    Your carpets will be safely deep cleaned with hot water extraction meaning they are left very clean and are treated with care so they not only look great now but last for longer too.

    Reasons why customers trust Rothwell’s to get fantastic carpet cleaning results.

    • Trusted Family firm since 1993
    • Thorough, professional, deep carpet cleaning
    • Hundreds of customer reviews
    • We move the furniture, so you don’t have to
    • Stain protection packages available (with 12 months of free stain treatments)
    • Senior members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association
    • Free, firm & fair quotes
    • 100% satisfaction Guaranteed
    carpet cleaning
    carpet cleaning

    Rothwell’s is a well established local firm meaning we are large enough to have the recourses to give a reliable, high quality service each and every time, while being small enough to care about every job, detail and customer. So you will get fantastic cleaning results, on time, while experiencing friendly, helpful customer service.

    What is included in our carpet cleaning packages

    Deep Clean

    This is for everyone who wants the best deep clean of their carpets and upholstery possible. Our expert team will thoroughly clean your carpets, move furniture, and leave you with the freshest of homes.


    Our 9 step cleaning system to guarantee you fantastically clean carpets.

    Moving of all furniture you want moving.

    All treatments for stains, odours or other cleaning issues are included at no extra charge.

    Unlimited emergency spot and stain call out for 14 days after cleaning.

    Rothwell’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    Deep Clean and Stain-Free For 12 Months

    Perfect for anyone who wants the best deep clean of their carpets and upholstery, and wants to know that it will stay stain-free for 1 year*. Meaning you keep fresh, great look carpets all year.


    All steps included in our deep clean service.

    Plus 12 months of unlimited and free spot and stain treatments.

    Stain protective coating applied to carpets and upholstery.

    Free bottle of eco spotter.

    Free stain treatment guide.

    Rothwell’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    Carpet Cleaning Monthly Subscription.

    For busy households and those that want to have regular carpet cleaning and save money on their carpet cleaning.


    Initial deep clean and stain protection as normal.

    Repeated unlimited carpet cleaning and stain protection when ever you require*.

    Stain protection applied to all carpets.

    1 free bottle of eco spotter per year.

    20% of all our other cleaning services.

    Dedicated lead cleaning technician that knows you and your home*.

    A complete hassle free, fully inclusive cleaning service for all your carpet cleaning needs.

    Rothwell’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    No upfront cost, just a monthly subscription.

    Best value carpet cleaning service in the U.K.

    No other company in the U.K. offers as much as we do in our cleaning packages. We have been in business since 1993 by staying true to our mission of providing the best cleaning results with honest, friendly customer service. If you use us, you’ll recommend us.

    *We can not guarantee the removal of all stains, some may not be removable. As highly trained and experienced expert cleaners we will do all we can.  

    *Fair use policy on our monthly subscription, we expect to see most customers 2-4 times per year. We will come out to clean up spills or deep clean rooms as needed and when every you call us, but if this becomes to often we will reserve the right to cancel the subscription, this would only happen in extreme circumstances that to this day has not happened.

    *We try and send the same expert cleaning tec to your home when the diary allows.  You will always get a Rothwells cleaning technician dedicated to providing the best service, we do not sub contract out our work. 

    Book your carpet cleaning now.

      carpet cleaning team

      Our Friendly Team

      Rothwell’s is a family firm established in 1993 and we take great pride in the team of expert, friendly people we have working here.

      All our cleaning technicians are well trained and care about delivering the best cleaning results possible. It is our mission that every customer would feel happy to recommend us to their family and friends after try us themselves, after all that is the biggest compliment we can get.

      “If You Use US You’ll Recommend Us”

      The best carpet cleaning with honest, friendly customer service.


      Local Family Firm Since 1993 We are large enough to have the resources to give a reliable high-quality service every time, while being small enough to care about every job, detail and customer, meaning you get a great service and great results.


      Thorough, Professional, Deep Carpet Cleaning We use our powerful van mounted hot water extraction cleaning for most of the carpets we clean. This provides a thorough deep down, safe clean. It is the same method most carpet manufacturers recommend. It leaves carpets cleaner and drier than portable machines and much cleaner than dry cleaning. Giving you fresh, clean carpets throughout your home.


      Experts In Our Field We spend a lot of time, effort and money in making sure all our technicians are expert carpet cleaners. We have all trained on internationally recognised carpet cleaning courses and all our technicians have completed the extensive Rothwell's mentorship training programme before becoming Rothwell's technicians, going out by themselves and fully responsible for completing jobs.


      Great Customer Service We pride ourselves on giving great customer service every time, the type of personal service you can only get from a well-known local family firm.


      Safe And Effective Cleaning Products All our products are high end, professional cleaning products safe to use with in your home, we never skimp on cost to get the correct products. All our cleaning products are applied direct to the carpets and not added to the rinse water, this means they are fully washed out of the carpets with softened water meaning no cleaning products are left behind. This is a very important step as any products left behind can cause rapid re-soiling. We use wool-safe pre-cleaning agents to keep your wool carpet in healthy condition. If you have allergies to detergents please speak to use about enzyme and fragrance free options for cleaning carpets.


      We Do The Lifting Don’t worry about your fully furnished home, we will carefully move any furniture that needs moving so we can clean the carpets, you don’t need to empty your home first. We are full insured for this and are extremely careful and professional.


      Fair, Honest Pricing Free fully inclusive and firm quote provided before work starts, we don’t hide any part of the price. We even promise to beat any like for like quote, please ask us about our price promise.


      100% Satisfaction Or It’s Free Only pay once we have completed our work and you are happy, if you are not happy with anything we will re-clean and if you're still not happy we won’t charge you a penny.

      FAQ’s - Frequently Asked Questions

      Nine Steps To Amazingly Clean Carpets. 1. Inspection Every carpet and every household is different, so the very first thing we do is talk to you, the customer, about what is needed. The next nine steps will then be done according to the individual needs of that area. We will look at the type of carpet, both the pile and the backing, so we know how best to treat it. Then we will look at each room and talk with you about the furniture that needs moving, and any stains or marks that are on the carpet, deciding how best to proceed. 2. Preparing the room and moving the furniture Our teams will carefully move all the furniture you want us to / most of the furniture. We are fully insured to move your furniture and take the greatest care. This is not only easier for you but safer too, as we are professionals. We will also vacuum any areas that need it before the pre spays go down. 3. Pre-spray Our main detergent is applied as a pre-spray. This pre-spray helps to break down the dirt, bacteria and air pollutants caught within the carpet before extraction. 4. Agitation We will gently scrub the carpet working the cleaning product into the pile and loosening the soiling from within the carpet. 5. Van mounted hot water extraction. With our van mounted hot water extraction system we will flush out more of the dirt, bacteria and air pollutants from the carpet giving a long lasting, deep down thorough clean. Having a powerful van mounted machine allows for constant hot water at high pressure to be directly injected into the carpet at very controllable amounts and to vacuum it back out along with the dirt, giving the best cleaning possible. This process also takes out the cleaning pre-spray and other products used so no sticky detergents are left behind, avoiding resoiling of the carpets. 6. Spot-treat stubborn stains and marks Now we go back and retreat any areas that need a bit more treatment. We have a wide selection of cleaning products and plenty of training and experience in how best to use them. 7. Replacing Furniture Once the room is finished we carefully replace the furniture, placing plastic coasters under any items that may mark the carpet. 8. Drying Our van mounted machine has huge vacuum power that removes much more moisture than any portable could, so allowing for drier carpets. If we are cleaning more than one room or item we can place our high capacity fans for faster drying. Although the carpets will be left damp they are usable immediately. 9. Our guarantee Once we've finished we will always make sure you're 100% satisfied with our work. Our 14 day grace period means that if any stains reappear, or any new ones are made, we will come back free of charge and re-clean the area, giving you peace of mind.

      We are not the cheapest company and have never aimed to be, we are also not the most expensive. We offer high quality work at fair prices. We will provide you with a free fully inclusive and firm quote before work starts, we don’t hide any part of the price and just charge what we quoted for. We can sometimes quote via the phone or by email but often need to visit to provide a firm price. This inspection and quote visit is free and you have no obligation to use us after. It will be carried out by an expert cleaner and not a pushy salesperson.

      For those of you wishing to give extra protection for your carpets we can apply a stain protection coating PLUS if you choose stain protection with Rothwell's we will give you 12 months of stain treatments carried out by us for free, so if you do spill anything you can not remove yourself we will come out to try and remove it for you free of charge. The protective coating works by surrounding each fibre in the carpet with a protective invisible coating which makes the carpet resistant to every-day soiling, water-based and oil based stains. This protective coating does not affect the look or feel of your carpets. Stain guarding (or "protection") does not protect against everything but is a useful tool to help keep your carpets looking clean for longer. It makes regular cleaning easier and helps in effective cleaning of spills and spots. Stain guarding does wear off over time and will need to be reapplied after 12 – 24 months. For more information about Rothwell's Stain Protection Package please click here.

      Rothwell’s Van Mounted system has far more vacuum power than any portable electric machine (which many carpet cleaners use). Better Air Flow. As well as more power the truck mounted “positive displacement” vacuum system ensures high air movement even when the tool is held against the carpet, whereas portables work centrifugally. This means standard portable machines have little air movement while the tool is in contact with the carpet, whereas our van mounted system still has a large amount of air flow. This extra air flow not only means drier carpets but cleaner carpets too, with much more of the dirty water being removed. Hot Water. We also have constant warm water with full control over the temperature that we clean at. Other systems either use cold water or attempt to heat it with a large kettle element that in our experience cannot keep up and leaves you with cold water anyway. It is a big advantage to have hot water and gives an overall higher quality of carpet cleaning. Own Power & Water. We carry our own water and takeaway the waste water. Our main machine is powered by LPG rather than your electricity supply. Van-mounted carpet cleaning systems are a big investment for any firm to make but we believe in investing in our business to bring you the best results possible. This is true whether investing in the right equipment, people or training.

      YES. Dust and dirt within your carpet creates a sandpaper effect rubbing against the carpet fibres scratching and wearing them out. This ages them before their time and will lead to them being replaced much sooner. It is recommended by most carpet manufacturers as well as the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to clean carpets on average once per year (6 – 24 months depending on use and other factors).

      At Rothwell's we are not a one trick pony, when quoting we will advise the best way to get the results needed for your situation. We understand that sometimes it is vital that carpets are left dry immediately and that’s why we offer two ‘dry’ or low moisture cleaning methods for carpet cleaning. It should be pointed out that our van mounted hot water extraction method for most carpets gives a far better clean and although the carpets are slightly damp afterwards, they are usable straight away. Encapsulation This process works by encapsulating or encasing the soiling at a micro level. This is a relative newcomer to the industry and is very good on low profile man made fibre carpets and we often use it for regular office maintenance cleaning. It also has its uses in some domestic situations or carpet types. Granule cleaning This method uses micro sponges soaked in detergent that are scrubbed into the carpet. The micro sponges release detergent into the carpet to loosen the soiling, then as the micro sponges dry, they absorb the loosened soiling and detergent. Some carpet cleaners use this method on all carpets but we find the results to not be very satisfying in most situations when compared to van mounted hot water extraction. It is a very useful tool though and is still the best way of cleaning grass fibre matting that cannot get wet and can be tricky to treat.

      Yes and we have special rates for end of tenancy carpet cleaning when the property is empty. We work directly with many letting agents, property management companies and private landlords as well as tenants to complete carpet cleans between tenants. We have greatly reduced carpet cleaning rates for empty properties. We will provide you with a fully itemised receipt as proof of work complete with our contact details so if your landlord is unhappy with any of the work they can contact us directly. Plus with our 14 day guarantee we will reclean any area needed completely free of charge even if it was caused after our initial clean. We can provide anti pet / flea treatment if required in your tenancy agreement, we are qualified insect pest controllers too. We can pick up the keys direct from your letting agent and return them so you don’t even need to be there if you have other commitments (busy moving or no longer in the area). We are fully insured including for lost keys (you need to check with your letting agent that they have keys available, most will). Rothwell’s carpet cleaning carries out end of tenancy cleans on a near daily basis and we have honed our service to provide a value for money, hassle-free, efficient service - you’ll be in safe hands.

      Monthly Subscription All your carpet cleaning needs covered! • We will carry out ALL the carpet cleaning you ever need… • Professionally apply stain resistant protection & top up when needed… • All year round, year on year… • As much as you want, no limits… • To our highest of standards… • No initial cost or set up fee… • All for a monthly subscription… • Plus 20% off any of our other cleaning services. How does it work? Your first clean goes ahead like normal. All covered by your monthly payments, no set up costs, no extra charges or fees. But instead of you paying a lump sum then, you pay us a monthly amount and no more. And instead of us stopping at that one clean we clean your carpets as often as is needed. All covered by your monthly payments no extra charges or fees. We will come and give every carpet and a full deep clean as often as it needs it or you want it. All covered by your monthly payments no extra charges or fees. Plus we come out and do tidy up cleans on the high use areas, (walkways, doorways, in front of chairs etc) anything that needs that bit of extra attention to keep clean and prevent wear and damage. If you want us to clean it we will. All covered by your monthly payments, no extra charges or fees. If you spill anything give us a call and we’ll come and clean it. All covered by your monthly payments, no extra charges or fees. We expect to see a customer around 2-4 times per year (but are happy if it’s more). But how can we give you more for less? Simple 1. We want to reward our regular customers. 2. With regular payments coming in we can manage and predict our business far better and we’re willing to give you a great deal for this. 3. We are not a fly by night company but a family institution that has been around since 1993 and we prefer long running relationships with our customers. By providing you with the best deal we can we hope you will tell all your family and friends too. But it seems cheaper than you just coming once? That’s because it is. If you add up 1 years worth (12 payments) it comes to less than us just coming once to do the same area so even if you just have a yearly clean and stain protect with nothing else, it’s still great value. That’s because we are not short sighted, we don’t want a customer to use us once, we want a customer for life (don’t worry we don’t hold you to that). What does this cover? It is a fully inclusive service, there are no hidden costs. We’ve included the VAT, we don’t charge a set up fee or admin fees and we pay the banking fees at our end. It covers all cleaning for all of the carpet within your home. And remember you're in charge: if you want your carpets cleaned, we’ll clean them, no limits or restrictions. We will apply stain resistant coating to your carpet to help protect them against marks, stains and permanent damage. Free bottles of carpet spotter if / when you want them. 20% off all our other cleaning services – our monthly subscription just keeps giving. The small print, it’s not that small. 1. There is a minimum period of 18 months/18 payments, as I’m sure you understand we need to cover our own costs. But after that point either party can cancel with just one month's notice (you're not signing your life away here and there are no leaving fees or other rubbish). 2. We don’t limit the amount of call outs or visits we make to your property but we do have a fair usage policy as follows: if we feel our ‘no limits’ offer is being used excessively we may cancel the monthly subscription package and monthly payment (with no extra fees). If we are forced to cancel, it will only be after doing the last call out or one final clean that you have asked for so you are definitely not out of pocket (to date we have never had to do this and hope never to). 3. We promise to keep to our very high standards throughout every visit we make. 4. We will try to visit you ASAP when requested and for spills, accidents or emergency call outs. 5. We will increase the monthly payments by the published retail prices index (RPI) or equivalent each January. 6. Payment must be by direct debt via Go Cardless (a very easy and safe way to pay and you will be protected by the direct debt payment scheme).

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