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Save Money On Replacment Costs.

Two big reasons why carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning is the smart finical decision to save you money.

  1. Cleaning and maintaining is much cheaper than replacing. Carpets and sofas are not cheap so why replace them when they can normally be cleaned to give them a new lease of life. Rothwell’s specialist cleaning can make your soft furnishings as good as new or very close to it, giving you that fresh, comfy home feeling again without the big cost and upheaval of replacing carpets or buying new sofas.
  • Professional cleaning of carpets and upholstery will make them last much longer. It’s the same with anything in life, if you look after them they will last, if you don’t you will need to spend money replacing them much sooner.

If your sofas and carpets are still in ok condition but just starting to look a bit tired, then having them deep cleaned by a company that knows what they are doing will save you money, you could be amazed at how much nicer they will look and feel.

I get it we all like the feeling of new things, but replacing perfectly good items is wasteful. Wasteful on your money and wasteful on the environment. We can give you that new feeling again with our expert, deep cleaning. Get new feeling sofas and carpets for a fraction of the cost, win win.

Is cleaning good for my sofas and carpets?

Yes, it is very good for them.

Carpets and upholstery hold onto dirt unless cleaned. This dirt sits trapped within the fibres rubbing on them and wearing them out much faster than they would otherwise. It’s called the sandpaper effect and is well known within the soft furnishings industry. It’s the main reason that most carpet manufactures recommend carpets are cleaned with hot water extraction at least once per year.

Want your carpets & upholstery to look great for longer?

Of course you do, and that’s why we offer stain protection. Stain protection works by surrounding each fibre with a protective, invisible, fluorochemical coating which makes the fabric resistant to every-day soiling, water-based and oil-based stains. This protective coating does not affect the look or feel of your carpets or upholstery and gives great protection against household spillages reducing the chance of permanent stains. You will then be provided with our household spotter and spotter guide, excellent for quick treatment of marks yourself. PLUS, we back this up with FREE stain treatments when needed, carried out by Rothwell’s team of experts.

This makes keeping your carpets and upholstery at their best for years to come much easier, looking after what you have and saving money on needless replacements.

Carpet & upholstery cleaning does save you money, simply by looking after what you already have.

Will using the cheapest company save you money?

NO. I am a big believer in “You only get what you pay for.” Or “If you buy cheap you buy twice.”

And I am afraid that is true of carpet and upholstery cleaners to, in fact id say its truer of our industry than many. There are no minimum standards you need to meet to call yourself a carpet cleaner, just buy a machine (and you can get cheap ones quite easily) and now you’re a ‘professional’ carpet cleaner. Unfortunately, this means there are lots of carpet cleaners running around doing as many cheap jobs as they can in a day with little training or understanding of what they are doing.

The most common and obvious problems that occur are smelly wet carpets, carpets shrinking, cellulosic browning of sofa material, dye bleed on rugs, stains and dirt remaining in the carpet, pile distortion and pile set with cleaning lines all over them that can be hard to remove.

On top of this but less obvious to notice is rapid resoling and damaged fibres. Ever herd people say ‘once you have your carpets clean they will get dirtier quicker’? There are two big reasons this can happen after poor cleaning.

Rapid resoling happens when cleaning products are left behind in the carpet or sofa fabric. Those left behind products are a sticky residue that dust sticks to, dust that could normally be vacuumed away now builds up in the fabric making the sofa or carpet much dirtier, much quicker.

Damaged fibres can happen when harsh products are used to try and get quick results on the day. They damage the fibres meaning they wear out quicker and take in stains easier.

Cleaning of carpets and upholstery should be about looking after your valuable items. Don’t waste money and hassle on cheap cleaners when cleaning is already a fraction of the cost of replacement. If you use a competent and experience company, they will look after your items so they last for years to come. Don’t risk expensive carpets and sofas with just anybody.

There are lots of good quality carpet cleaners out there, just make sure you pick the right one for long lasting great results. Members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association are a good place to start. At Rothwell’s we are senior members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association

If you want high quality cleaning that will look after your carpet and sofas for years to come call Rothwell’s on 01638 428 060 or email

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