Price Promise for domestic carpet and upholstery cleaning. | Rothwell's Cleaning Services

Price Promise
for domestic carpet and upholstery cleaning.

We will price match any like for like carpet or upholstery cleaning quote.

We will count any other firm using a van mounted hot water extraction system as a like for like quote. While this does not guarantee they will be trained, insured or do a good job it dose at least cut out the worst of the cowboys as it demonstrates a real investment in the professional equipment.

If you have another quote and want us to match it just send us a copy of the quote with the company name that supplied it. If we are more expensive, we will discount to beat the other quote by £10.

7 things to look out for in carpet and upholstery cleaning companies.

  1. A published address (If a company only provides you with a mobile number and no address, completely avoid them, this is the easiest tell tell sign of a rouge trader.)
  2. The right equipment to do the job. (This mean’s a van mounted hot water extraction machine. Only van mounted cleaning systems have the power and capability of achieving a professional standard of cleaning, small portable machines cannot achieve the same results.)
  3. The knowledge and know how to get the required results. (A company with years of trading and experience is preferable. Any credible cleaner should be a member of a relevant trading association that proves standard industry training has taken place and the work will be completed by a professional that knows what they are doing. It also gives you a professional body to go to if you are unhappy with the service provided meaning you have a line of recourse if things go wrong. Rothwell’s are senior members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association.)
  4. Fully Insured. (Including for treatment risk, the risk of causing damage to the items you are working on, this is not included in standard business insurance).
  5. A fully inclusive firm price given before work starts. (The cost should include all cleaning products without any necessary products or procedures being listed as extras like those often used in bait and switch scams. Our prices are firm, fair & fully inclusive, no hidden extras.)
  6. No deposit. (We know lots of qualified, experienced cleaners all over the country and none of them charge a deposit.)
  7. Reviews from previous customers. (check any company on google for customer reviews.)
Rothwell’s Professional Van Mounted Cleaning Units. We can reach even up long drives, call for more information if you are worried about access. These large 30-50 HP engines give much better cleaning results and when used by Rothwell’s highly trained cleaning technicians you get a great service.