Rothwell's Cleaning Services Patio Cleaning Job In Cambridgeshire

Patio Cleaning Job In Cambridgeshire

We cleaned this patio in Fulbourn, Cambridgeshire, over 2 days.

Patio Cleaning

This patio cleaning job was completed by Rothwell’s. It took 2 days to do all the cleaning with 2 of our top cleaning technicians, Andrew and Graham.

Andrew spent the first day cleaning the worst of the surface dirt and algae off the stone slabs. He than treated them all with our lichen treatment and cleaned them again.

path patio cleaning
dirty patio before patio cleaning

At this point the stone slabs were looking much cleaner but they did not quite meet our high standards. There were still a few stubborn areas that had the black & white spots of lichen. Andrew treated these areas again with our lichen and cleaning detergent and left this overnight.

The following day Andrew was joined by Graham. The first thing to do was to patio clean the areas that had the extra treatment. Once this was done the patio cleaning was done, the patio was looking great, and all the stone slabs were clean. Next, they had to clean up the surrounding area. Patio cleaning is a messy job so after we have finished, we need to clean all the surrounding areas. Everything is rinsed down including walls, fences, and surrounding plants. Windows that were splashed are cleaned and the whole area is made tidy.

Regrouting Patio

After cleaning we needed to patch up the grouting. The grouting was old and had patches missing in places. We had talked to our customer before the work started about this and they had requested we patch it up after cleaning.

Patching up the grouting is not necessary, the slabs were held in place ok. But patching the grout will help prevent weed growth and make the patio look much nicer. If holes are left and not patched with new grouting weeds will be able to grow here easier. Weed growth not only looks bad but it can also cause further damage to the grouting as the roots grow.

Regrouting or patching up the grouting is an optional extra Rothwell’s provides if the customer chooses too.

Sealing Stone Patio

After we finished the patio cleaning and regrouting Max sealed the patio to protect it for years to come.

Sealing the patio will slow down the algae and lichen growth considerably and should make the patio stay clean for at least twice as long compared to not sealing. This is a very rough measure and it will depend on the conditions the patio is subject to.

patio cleaning sandstone in wood

Patio Cleaning Gallary

This large patio was cleaned, regrouted and sealed, giving the customer a like new patio that should last for years to come. They have a beautiful garden space at a fraction of the cost or upheaval of a new patio. The work was completed by our team at Rothwell’s cleaning. Gemma did the original site inspection and quote visit. This like all our quotes was free of charge for the customer. Andrew and Graham completed the cleaning and regrouting work and Max completed the sealing. Oliver, Elaine and louise were all involved in the background completing the office work to make this possible. It takes a team to produce a reliable, on budget, great result like this.

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