Why its hard to remove urine smells from carpets.

Why urine smells so bad and why deep carpet cleaning is so important to remove urine smells from carpets?

Why dose urine in carpet smell so bad?

remove urine smells from carpets

Urine can have a strong odor due to the presence of ammonia and other compounds. Ammonia is a nitrogen-rich waste product that is produced when the body breaks down proteins. It is found in urine in high concentrations and can give urine its characteristic smell. Other compounds found in urine that can contribute to its odor include urea, creatinine, and various organic acids. These can make remove urine smells from carpets tricky.

Old urine can smell stronger than new urine due to the process of bacterial decomposition. When urine is fresh out of the body it is sterile and has a relatively mild odor. However, over time, bacteria that can begin to break down the organic compounds in urine, releasing volatile compounds that produce a stronger odor.

Remove urine smells from carpets.

When urine dries it crystalises, if it is not fully cleaned out of the carpet it can be reactivated when wet. This can make urine that had become dormant smell worse.

It is very important to have deep carpet cleaning when urine gets onto your carpet so it is fully remove and neutralised, otherwise the smell may come back later. It should also be treated with urine neutralising products to leave it biologically clean stopping bacteria growth.

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